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Club Kelsey's

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Club Kelsey's
Black Card

Join Club Kelsey's black card today, and you'll immediately earn points, just for joining! Simply complete the form below.  After clicking "Create Account" your membership will be active.  Be sure to print out your invoice and bring it to Kelsey's to redeem your black card, or call us at, 609-344-2200 and we will mail you out your card today.  Your membership card will arrive in the mail in approximately two weeks.


To earn Club Kelsey's Points, your membership card must be presented with your preferred method of payment every time you visit Kelsey's.


Each time you dine at Kelsey's and present your Club card, you will receive 15%off your total bill and a complimentary glass of wine (membership valid for one guest per card holder).  


Want to learn more? Purchase a Club Kelsey's Black card and recieve 15% off your final bill and one glass of complimentary wine each and everytime you dine.


When you purchase a black card for $100 you can have all of this. Join Club Kelsey's today.

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